Atlanta Area NAACP to Hold Pro-Bieber Protest, Calling It the Civil Rights Issue of Our TIme

The NAACP is planning a party to welcome Justin Bieber to Atlanta.

Calling it a rally for the civil rights of the Canandian-born pop star, NAACP officials say they're a believer in Bieber being able to buy a home anywhere he wants; even in Buckhead.

"It's a civil rights issue," an NAACP leader claimed. "If Buckhead can say no to Bieber Fever, who's next? Katy Perry? Miley Cyrus? Vanilla Ice?

Today, the NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Canadian People," the NAACP official continued. "We believe the Buckhead Coalition's planned demonstration is an assault upon the rights of minorities."

The Atlanta area NAACP say they organized the pro-Bieber protest after learning that the Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition intended to demonstrate in front of the home Justin Bieber hopes to purchase.

A new group, calling themselves the Clayton County African-American Leadership Forum (CCAALF) released a statement saying if Buckhead band Bieber, he's more than welcome in the south metro city of Riverdale.

"Justin Bieber is the new face of black America," a CCAALF representative said. "We welcome him with open arms as he cultivates his hip hop skills."


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