Georgia Democratic Party Announces Annual Fundraiser will be Re-Named in Honor of Jesse Jackson

(Image courtesy Chris Schneider/Rocky Mountain News)
In a move that surprised everyone, DuBose Porter announced that the Democratic Party of Georgia's annual fundraiser would be re-named to honor one of the organization's greatest leaders.

"It gives me great pleasure to inform the media that all future editions of the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner will now be called the Jefferson/Jesse Jackson Dinner," Porter said at a recent press conference. "Democrats want to recognize Jesse Jackson for his decades of service, leading black Americans.

"Contrary to what others may say, Jesse Jackson is indeed the Emperor of Black People," Porter continued, referencing a controversial episode of the Comedy Central cartoon "South Park."

Porter, the newly elected Georgia Democratic Party chairman, told reporters the newly-minted Jefferson/Jesse Jackson Dinner was part of the Democrats' ongoing efforts to increase their support in the black community.

"I am not content with getting 90% of the black vote, year after year," Porter said. "I want Democrats to get 200% of the black vote.

When asked how a political party could get 200% of the vote, Porter replied with a sly chuckle, "Why do you think we oppose voter ID?"

The dates of the 2014 Jefferson/Jesse Jackson Dinner have yet to be announced. Porter says he's working with Jesse Jackson to see when the good Reverend can fit the fundraiser into his hectic schedule of accepting apologies from folks who have run afoul of black people.


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