Water Towers to be Erected with New Slogan "Gwinnett is Merely Adequate"

Years after the iconic twin water towers came down in Gwinnett County, two new replacement towers are scheduled to be erected.

Many metro Atlanta residents will remember traveling I-85, and seeing two beige cylinders proclaiming Gwinnett's greatness to the world. One said, "Gwinnett is Great." The other said, "Success Lives Here."

Seeking to reclaim some of the county's former bravado, Gwinnett officials say plans are under way to rebuild the two structures. The new phallic buildings will, however, carry two new slogans:

"Gwinnett is Merely Adequate"


"Success Lives Further Up The Road From Here."

Gwinnett County Public Works Director B.A. Cox says the new water towers' slogans help show the county is still humble, and doesn't have a chip on its shoulder from all its success stories. Both towers are expected to be completed by 2016.


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