Georgia Gun Rights Group Announces Buyback Program in Exchange for Katy Perry Tickets, the gun rights organization that lauds itself as "Georgia’s no-compromise voice for gun owners", today offered a bit of compromise.

Any law-abiding citizen that turns in their gun will receive two tickets to Katy Perry's upcoming show in Atlanta.

Georgia Carry said they're sponsoring the gun exchange program because they are fed up with being demonized as America-hating, gun-toting whack jobs.

"Years of withering attacks have taken a toll on our members and their families," a Georgia Carry news release read. "We are encouraging everyone to turn in their guns, and leave the important job of policing the streets to local law enforcement officials.

"When seconds count, the police are only minutes away," the news release continued. "But that kind of inadequate police response time is what we pay taxes for."

The time and place for GeorgiaCarry's Pistols for Perry event has not been nailed down yet. Potential sites include the Gwinnett Gun Show and the Chickamauga Civil War Show.


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