Howard Dean on Richard Sherman's Scream: "I Did Better Ten Years Ago in Iowa"

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman late night scream, following his team's victory in the NFC Championship Game, was met with a yawn from a former presidential candidate with experience screaming on television.

2004 Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean wasn't impressed when shown Sherman's scream on video.

"I could do better," Dean said nonchalantly. "In fact, I did do better ten years ago in Iowa."

Dean, of course, was referring to his famous "I Have a Scream" speech, following a 3rd place finish in the Iowa Democratic Party caucuses.

"Sherman's scream was good. There can be no denying that," Dean said. "He just needs a little more work to reach my level."

Compare the two screams, side-by-side, and decide who is better at screaming:

Richard Sherman "I Have a Scream" speech

Howard Dean "I Have a Scream" speech


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